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Radion delivers Product and Service solutions for Oncology Centers.  Customize your oncology program needs with just-in-time service models to manage patient-care cost effectively.  Radion’s committed to improving the efficiency and quality of cancer care.  Manage clinical services delivery during unanticipated spikes in patient volume.

  • Test 1


    "When our clinic was in need of some ON-Demand resources, we turned to Radion who quickly fulfilled clinic needs! The speed and efficiency of Radion Hub platform allowed us to also collaborate on treatment planning with their highly experienced strategic partners saving us time and money."

    Carmen ~ CFO at Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center


  • Test 2


    “I wanted to update you on the impact that the Radion Hub has on our departmental workflow for electronic Brachytherapy for Skin cancer. First of all from a physics point of view, it has greatly reduced the man hours required to prepare a patient for treatment. I have seen at least a 50-75% reduction in time required to prepare a patient for treatment..."

    Alphonse ~ Medical Physicist in Arizona


  • Test 4


    "Radion Hub is an important resource for Next Oncology's radiosurgery centers. Radion Hub enabled us to connect and collaborate with clinical experts to provide superb turn-around and extremely proficient cancer treatment planning, both for planned and emergency."

    Mark ~ COO at Next Oncology



Radion is pleased to announce an aquisition
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